Mount Fuji @ Yamanashi - Japan
20 May 2019
Mount Fuji is visible for only 80 days a year. In my second trip to Japan -and second attempt to see it- I got the better end of this 22% chance bet.


04 Feb 2019
Trying to make the best of one big -if not the biggest- cliché, I chose three of my favorite sunsets. The cover is the beginning of an early autumn evening in Dubrovnik, Croatia. I got to the top of Srd Hill by the famous cable car. After spending a lot of time enjoying the view, I decided to hike down.


Six days in Gobi @ Mongolia
04 Feb 2019
Leaving Ulaanbaatar in late November is a relief in itself. -35°C and a constant smell of smoke make up for an average day in the Mongolian capital. Spending six days in the Gobi desert is great in itself. The pleasant -16°C and crisp air were just an added bonus. Most tourists flee mongolia in the middle of october. For three days, it seemed that we would not be able to find any other late suckers to fill the van and go on the tour. Everything worked out, though, and we got to meet Björn and George, a Finnish and a British.


Fall at Grand Tetons
03 Feb 2019
A park ranger told we were lucky to be visiting the Grand Tetons in the Fall. Yellowstone’s southern “little” neighbour becomes an impressionist painting by that time. Above is the Oxbow Bend, one of its more famously breathtaking views.