Coded in C++ with OpenCV, it was commissioned by Rede Globo from ICAD/VisionLab.

This project’s goal was to make the mapping of fiducial markers on a studio’s ceiling automatic. This mapping process is a crucial preparation step for the use of LightCraft Technology. LightCraft uses an extra wide-angle lens equipped to the top of a camera, pointing up to a ceiling covered with fiducial markers. This lens captures the location of these markers and, with a previously known map, calculates the camera’s location within the studio. The superimposition of virtual elements over the footage is considerably easier when this location is known.

Before MarkerFinder, this mapping was done manually and took about 4 hours. Now, it takes 20 to 40 minutes. Since this was made for a brazilian company, it is documented in Portuguese.

Source (C++) (requires OpenCV)
Visual Studio configuration files