Programmer & Researcher @ ICAD/VisionLab

From June 2013 to January 2016 - I was a Programmer at ICAD/VisionLab, Prof. Bruno Feijó’s Computer Vision, CG and Games lab at PUC-Rio since June 2013. I was one of the lead programmers in a 3D game written in C# using Unity 3D. One of its main research goals was to improve narrative and storytelling process on videogames.

I was also the sole programmer responsible for coding two projects for Rede Globo, the largest brazilian TV network.
The first one was MarkerFinder, which aimed to make the process of mapping fiducial markers on a studio’s ceiling automatic. This map of markers is used to calculate a camera’s position in the studio, making it possible to superimpose graphical effects with precision. It’s coded in C++ using OpenCV.
The second deals with loading video frames to GPU, for faster image processing. It was written in C.